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  • NEW - SOFT PRETZEL BITES! 12 bites with your choice of 1 dipping sauce: yellow mustard, ranch dressing, honey mustard, cheddar cheese, or nacho cheese. 
  • Have feedback about your visit to Tastyland?  We welcome your questions and comments sent to tastyland@comcast.net   Please Note: we do not accept orders through e-mail. While on that subject, if you have feedback to give us regarding a mistake or missing item on your order we ask that you call Tastyland at 724-834-2026 AS SOON AS YOU CAN - preferably within 24 hours. This allows us to easily investigate what could have gone wrong so we know how to prevent the same problem in the future and also so we can make the situation right for you - the customer. 

  • We are a pet friendly establishment!  Dogs are always welcome to sit at our picnic tables. 

    We offer various treat options for dogs: Freezy Bones Treats.  The frozen bone shaped snacks come in 4 flavors: Peanut Butter Banana, Pumpkin, Apple, or Raw Goat Milk (raw goat milk is a superfood for pets!) or a mixed variety bag.  These tasty treats are made in store with all human ingredients & the trays we use to make them are MADE IN THE USA!
      These will be 6 for $1

    Also for our Canine Customers, we will be carrying a line of natural, locally baked dog treats by Biskit's Barkery.  There will be 7 flavors available in 1/4 lb or 1/2 lb. bags: Brittany's Bacon Biskits, Peanut Butter Banana Bunnies, Gingerbread Men, Charlie's Chicken Crunchies, Cran'bear'y Cookies, Sweet Cinnamon stars and Pizza Biskits.  For doggies with food sensitivities, the Brittany's Bacon Biskits are wheat free and are made with turkey bacon.  Also wheat free are the Cran'bear'y Cookies, and Pizza Biskits. The Charlie's Chicken Crunchies are grain free.  For more information, inquire at Tastyland or look up Biskit's Barkery on Facebook (search Biskit's Barkery).  We also make birthday cakes for dogs by special order and have seasonal varieties of biscuits. 

  • The Chickens:  We have chickens who visit Tastyland daily and have been doing so for several years.  They are owned by a family who live down the hill behind Tastyland.  We ask that you please use caution when near the chickens.  As with any animal they can behave unpredictably and may peck or scratch.  Its best to look at the chickens from a safe distance and not attempt to touch them.  The chickens often approach people because they are accustomed to being fed by customers.  Please supervise your children when near the chickens. If the chickens are bothering you, alert a Tastyland employee who can attempt to move the chickens away from you.   We cannot allow violent or aggressive behavior toward the chickens.  The family who owns them has children who consider the chickens their pets. We will do what is necessary to protect everyone and several Tastyland employees are able to handle/control the chickens without the need for aggressive actions such as kicking or hitting.

The Tastyland Chickens 2016